Masha and the Bear Coloring Games

Masha and the Bear is a globally recognized Russian animated series that presents the adventures of a restless and active little girl named Masha who makes everything a business of her own. Masha and the Bear coloring pages are a fun activity for kids of all ages in order to develop their color recognition skills, creativity, focus and motor skills. These coloring pages includes Masha and a frog with flowers, Masha and Bees, Masha Holds a ball and a fish, Bear hugs Masha, Masha, Bear Fighting the wolf, Bear Watering the tree, Masha and Bear playing snow, Masha picks Apples, Masha and Bear near the fireplace, on the road and so on which can be printed or downloaded for coloring.

Here at ColoringOnly.Com we’re providing you with a full collection of free printable Masha and the Bear coloring sheet. You have a variety of photos to download, print and color. Have a fun!

Masha lives near the forest and has a wonderful adventure with her best friend Bear who used to be in a circus. The bear is a big and hearty guy who loves comfort and quietness but anticipate participating in the fun and wild adventure that Masha always pull him into.

With printable Masha and the Bear coloring, kids are taught about unique relationships and friendship, mutual support and motivation between two characters, an adult and a child who had contrasting characteristics. It teaches patience when faced with annoying things and painful events. The coloring page teaches taking responsibility for every action in all areas of life.

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