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Unicorn is a mythical and legendary creature that originated from European fables. It looks like a horse with a single horn protruding from its head. As indicated by different reference resources, the horns of these mystical creatures have the ability of healing powers and rendering the power of the poison harmless.

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Why should children choose Unicorn Coloring and Drawing?

Almost kids love fairytales, fantasies and the mysterious characters appearing in them such as unicorns, flying horses, the phoenix birds and little mermaids. Unicorns highlight broadly in children cartoons, literature and shows. Unicorn is a popular topics for kids coloring pages as well as searching results for printable and download unicorn coloring sheets.
unicorn coloring pages
Unicorn coloring pages allow kids to travel to a fantastic world of wonders while coloring, drawing and learning about this magical character. Beside a fun and educative coloring pages, it helps children increase their creativity. They don’t need to follow the generic coloring of white body and silvery horn, they can color the unicorns with many different colors.


Types of Unicorn and Resembles:

Pegasus is a mythical winged horse, and one of the most recognized creatures in Greek mythology. Usually depicted as pure white, Pegasus is a child of the Olympian god Poseidon.
Chinese Unicorn: Qilin is legendary animal from Chinese mythology, frequently called the Chinese unicorn. A qilin has a single horn on its forehead, a yellow belly, a multicoloured back, the hooves of a horse, the body of a deer, and the tail of an ox.
African Unicorn: Abada is a mythical animal not unlike a unicorn. The Abada, however, has two crooked horns as opposed to a unicorn’s single one. The Abada’s horns can act as an antidote to poison.
South American Unicorn: Camahueto. The camahueto is a creature that is very similar to a calf or bull. However, instead of having two horns, it only has one. The camahueto is known to be hunted by the machis (medicine woman) because their horn is known to possess the cures to illnesses.
Bright Pegasi. There is one kind of unicorn that can fly, and it has wings and a horn. It is called a pegasus. They look like a normal bright unicorn only with wings. Their powers are to help all creatures. Whenever one of these unicorns is near you you will feel amazing! So if an animal of any kind is hurt or feels bad they will try to come by and help them to feel better.
Nightmare Unicorn. A Nightmare isn’t birthed into being, they are created by performing a dark ritual on a Pegasus. The ritual that creates a nightmare requires the torturous removal of a pegasus’s wings, driving that noble creature to evil.
Ruvas: Ruva is a fairly common type of unicorn that everyone seems to forget about These are some of the most classic unicorns-they come in mostly natural or pale, pastel-y colors, and live in meadows all across the world. They have a very special thing with flowers that no one really understands. They are commonly called “flower unicorns” because of it. They are the most similar unicorn to horses, by looks, and by having the faintest magical powers. They eat greens just like horses.
MagiCorns. Magi corns live in abandoned fields left behind by farmers and human tribes. They have the most magic powers a unicorn could ever have.
Rainbow Unicorns. Probably the most common unicorn in the world is a rainbow unicorn. A rainbow unicorn has a rainbow mane and has magical powers that let it change the weather. They are a good unicorn unit and do know harm.
Feathered Unicorn: Feathered Unicorns are experts at magic that has to do with levitation and tellaportation.
So much so that they can spend up to 4-6 hours on clouds, they can NOT fly. But their levitation spells can mimic flying (or hovering), thus the being able to walk on clouds.
Ember Unicorn: Ember unicorns primarily live in hot, dry places, such as deserts or even volcanoes. They eat lava beetles which are gross little bugs that can only be seen by magical creatures. They sound bad but to the creatures they are really good an yummy.
Karkadann – Persian Unicorn: The Karkadann was a mythical, reptilian, unicorn-like creature said to live on the grassy plains of India, Persia and North Africa. The karkadann was an extremely ferocious beast, driving away from its territory animals as big as the elephant.
Re’em is biblical unicorn. The creature Re’em is often described as a form of unicorn or giant horse whose blood was rare. The beast and its blood are mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. Some Christian translations once identified the re’em with the legendary unicorn. Detail of a former floor mosaic dating from year 1213, Basilica of San Giovanni Evangelista, Ravenna.
Shadhavar: Shadhahvar is a type of carnivorous unicorn in Persian folklore which resembles a gazelle with a single hollow horn.
Indrik: i s a unicorn from Russian folklore. It appears in the Book of Doves. Indrik is the father of all beasts. It lives on the Holy Mountain (either Mount Tabor or Mount Athos), eats and drinks from the blue sea.
Other types of unicorn are: Horn Changers, Dark Riders, Jewel Unicorns, Beauty Unicorns, Narwhals unicorns of the sea.


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