Wolfoo Coloring Games

Wolfoo coloring pages are images and sketches of a character in Wolfoo and friends. These animated colouring pages include series of stories around the main character or the protagonist. It tells the story of a 5-year-old wolf named Wolfoo who lives with his family in a small American village located on a hill.

Wolfoo colouring pages explore the world through daily stories about family, friends, teachers, neighbors; through modern objects of Dr. Kat; through a special powerful friend named Alien; and through characterized objects around Wolfoo. The character Wolfoo depicts a portrait Wolf coloring pages for kids to have fun and express themselves.

Coloring pages of Wolfoo introduce kids to the inhabitant of the American forests. This pages portrays that Smart, furry animals are not only predators, but also good friends and company of many forest inhabitants. On the pages are pictures with wolf cubs and adult animals to delight the kids and make them connect with wolfs even when they cannot have them as pets. Kids learn a lot from the pages such as creativity, healthy habits, and good manner, to mention a few through interesting stories that Wolfoo and friends experience in everyday.

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